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If You’ve Got an Hour, You Can Pull Off a Website Building Miracle – Guaranteed.
…And you don’t have to be a techno-genius — Do you want in on the real secret?


Click here to see Video 1 from the Red Hot Mini-Sites with WordPress course

Did You Know?…

  • You can build a professional website in less than an hour.
  • WordPress isn’t just for blogging, I’ll show you the secrets of using this powerful platform for creating kick-@$$ websites
  • Save tons of money – no need for that expensive website generating software
  • No need to learn programming or HTML
  • You can be up and running today!
  • Dead Simple! Just look over my shoulder as I guide you step-by step and show you the tricks “they” don’t want you to know about
  • This is a genuine KeiferSoft™ product, a name you can trust.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated to no end wrestling with building websites. Even a simple one, how about you?

If so, then you probably know that feeling of wanting to toss your computer out the window, and maybe shoot it a couple times afterwords, just for good measure!

Since I started dabbling in 1995, the single biggest pain in my back side has always come back to the same thing. Creating decent websites without investing half my life into it.

And web design software? I’ve probably tried them all, Dreamweaver, Front Page, NVU, etc. They all had their good points, but they also had one thing in common… a steep learning curve.

I’m not just talking about learning how to use the software, but also other stuff, like how to make your website have a uniform look across all the pages. Or how about this one… How to make your website look good in all the popular web browsers?!

If you’ve ever attempted to build a web page before, you might have noticed that it looked great in your Firefox web browser, just to find out that it was a disaster in Internet Explorer! Okay, got it working now in IE, but wait! Now it’s screwed up in Firefox and Chrome! Ugggggh! Sound familiar?

With the techniques that I teach you for using WordPress as your platform, you virtually eliminate the headaches, while at the same time getting a website that looks absolutely amazing.


Don’t be Fooled…


Heck, I remember my early days… looking back at some of the stuff I made. I never realized just how schlocky my first websites were until one day while watching the Simpsons (okay I admit it, I’m a Simpsons fan), there was Homer, building his first website.

Homer was in all his glory as he admired his website featuring that falling snow background with every tacky animated GIF imaginable moving about on the web page.

I realized in that moment, OMG that is me! Well okay, maybe I wasn’t quite that bad, but it is natural for a newbie to want to flex their new muscles with all the tricks they just learned in one shot, but does this really do any favors towards our business?

You’ve probably heard the “gurus” tell you before to just stick up an ugly one-pager, and you’ll make millions. Yeah, right. I don’t care what they try to feed you, LOOKS DO MATTER!

People will judge you and your products by how well your website looks. After all, your website is the first impression of you that they have.

I started blogging with WordPress in 2006, and it wasn’t until just last year that I decided to try using WordPress to create a website. Being pretty familiar with building websites from scratch, I was floored by how powerful WordPress was for creating websites!

For years, I only looked at WordPress as a blogging platform, but once the light went on… BAM

To get your WordPress site from looking okay, to looking great you’re going to need some guidance from someone who’s been there and knows a few tricks to boot.

This is where I come in. This is the next best thing to having me right there in the comfort of your own home or office guiding you step by step.

In the Red Hot Mini-Sites with WordPress course, I will be upgrading one of my current websites while its live online! Ya, kinda crazy I know, but I wanted to make a point at how easy it is to work with WordPress, even with a major face lift to an established website without performing it offline first!

By the way, these very same techniques are applied when starting from scratch, so if you are just starting out with no web site, you are in good hands.


Video Contents
  • Downloading & Installing WordPress
  • Installing a WordPress Template
  • Now Convert it From a Blog to a Web-Site!
  • Optimizing Page Titles the Easy Way for SEO
  • Adding a Header Graphic
  • Create a Custom Footer
  • How to Add a Blog to Your WordPress Website
  • Adding-a-Contact-Page


Advanced Tweaks – Bonus Videos

  • Remove-Post-Title-From-Your-Webpage
  • Putting-Your-Title-and-Meta-tags-on-Steroids
  • Exclude-Some-Pages-From-Main-Navigation-Menu
  • How-to-Remove-Sidebar-on-Some-Pages-but-not-all


If you’re like me, you’ve probably bought dozens or even hundreds of info products. Out of all of them combined, maybe you’ve managed to extract a few golden nuggets over time, but overall?

I’m willing to bet that most have ended up on that overcrowded virtual shelf, just chock full of e-books & videos taking up space and collecting pixel dust.

But if you possess a success oriented mindset, (and since you’ve read this far, you probably do, am I right?) then what you are about to purchase will benefit you for the rest of your online marketing career.

With my system of utilizing the power of WordPress to build professional quality websites, you will possess a knowledge that you can always use. It’s a skill that will never let you down, like that old friend who’s always been with you through thick & thin.

Imagine the possibilities. You can build professional websites in no time flat for each of your info or affiliate products. How about starting your own website building business, and monetizing it right away?

Can you imagine a constant stream of offline business owners tripping over each other begging you to take them as YOUR next client? Sound like a pipe dream? It doesn’t have to be.

This course is a no fluff, packed to the gills powerhouse designed to give you actionable results in each step. Even if you have never built a web site, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be up and running by following my easy techniques.

You also get the full e-book version as well, so that you can easily refer to it at any time. This is especially nice when you need that quick refresher as well. The e-book covers everything that is in the videos (and more), so that you don’t miss a thing.


Watch me Transform from this…

To a Search Engine Optimized Visitor Pulling Machine!


Note: I also created This Website and using the exact same techniques in this course!

After taking this amazing course, you’ll know how to quickly build a professional grade website from scratch, or upgrade your existing website

It’s natural to think that such an in-depth course that can have such a profound impact on your future would cost a fortune. Well not to worry, because I am going to make this available to you for only $47.

I just wish that something like this was around when I first started. The tuition I paid to the School of Hard Knocks would easily run twenty times this price!

Now there’s nothing to hold you back. Liberation is at hand.

Perhaps it wasn’t just coincidence that you landed on this web page. Call it law of attraction if you like, but anytime that we truly desire success in our lives, the universe will subtly nudge us in that direction via an opportunity.

It’s up to us to recognize it, and ACT on it in order to pull those desires into reality. This is the very point that most people miss.

Are you one of the 98% who will let today slip into oblivion with nothing gained, or are you a 2%er who is ready to take control of your destiny and change it right here and now?

You know the answer. Click the order button below and grab this now.


You must have a domain name and a web-host so that you have a place to build your website.

This course also assumes that you are able to upload files to your website via FTP. If you can understand and follow along with Video 1 of this course, then you should be fine, otherwise you should reconsider whether you are ready to purchase this course.

Your Web host must support PHP (nearly all web-hosts do). Recommended Web Hosts: DreamHost and HostGator.

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